A Praise report from the New Hope School

Greetings to you in the name our Lord Jesus Christ.    Let me share a praise Report to you to thank God. Last week Kolkata celebrate Saraswati  puja( A idol who gives knowledge ). In our Slum village, the villagers also celebrate Saraswati  Puja  . Let me tell what they do in saraswati puja. I told you before that, they worship saraswati idol to get knowledge. All the student (those who pursue their study)   put all their books, pen, pencil, etc before the saraswati idol, so that, the  idol will bless through all things . For your kind information that, our school children did not put anything (books,pen,pencil ,etc) before the idol to bless.
In the slum village, the villagers made an Idol and made a stage in front of the idol to perform dance on the stage. On the evening of this night villagers asked our School children (New Hope School) to perform some thing before idol. Villagers expected that our school children would dance on the film song (bollywood) tune.
Many student (new Hope School) went on to the stage. Villagers asked them to perform a dance.
They sang all Christian songs with action.
1.Hath ke bolbo Maramari Korona-   Bengali song(I tell my hand to not fight. I tell my feet to not go on wrong path. I tell my eyes to not see bad things and so on) and many more Christian Songs.
2. They invited a Hindu Boy on to the stage and made to read couple of Bible Verses from Bible like John 3;16 some verses from psalm(which they memorised  in Sunday School)
3. They played a skit (sin chair).
After every performance, these boys from New Hope School got ovation and big clap.
Villagers asked them, where you learnt these, they replied-From School.  When I am writing this I am remembering about DANIEL.
Thank you for your prayer and concern.
God bless (name removed purposefully)

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