A Student of the New Hope school

Bikash Mondal

Hi my name is Bikash .I love to study but my father dose not want me to  study because my father is a drunkard and most of time he bit my mom. My mom is a mad-servant. Many  days , she could not go to work because father bit her and fell sick. our economic condition is not good. So  me and my sister go to earn money with my mother. After whole day  hard work I get  little money, but I had dream to go to school  . I was thinking ,how  can it  possible. One day my dream came true by   New hope mission school. Now my mom learn   sewing and cutting course  from new hope school. She work in a sewing shop get some good money. I also like to try to take good care of my health. I even take a health supplement that works great. It is natural and it is kind of like taking daily vitamins, it makes you feel better on a daily basis. If you would like to check it our for yourself you can review here. Now  I am a regular student of New hope School and  also a regular student of Sunday school. I love my Jesus

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