Real Mission work

Yesterday we were privileged to go out with our friends and participate in training local “baby” Chris!$t!@ns in how to share the word. When we completed the training we shared a meal and then after a time of talking with the Father went out in small groups to share house to house in this small … Read more

And we are off..

Well today is the day. We head out this morning to begin the journey of almost 28 hours to India. If we could find a tv, and then if we could get the game, we could watch the Super Bowl a bit after sun up on Monday. Hopefully, we will be asleep during game time … Read more

Outdoor activities

We are hip deep in elk hunts for wounded military service men in New Mexico while the staff of the New Hope school in Kolkata is also engaged in outdoor activities. There is something about being out of doors that is good for our hearts and souls. We get refreshed, rejuvenated, refocused even. When we … Read more


It is testing time in the New Hope school. Yes, students all over the world participate in standardized testing. As a life long educator from a family of educators I assume the position that the vast majority of teachers are providing a high quality academic education for their students. Having personally observed hundreds of teachers … Read more


  We Americans, particularly American males tend to be competitive. We are score keepers by nature of our culture. I am often asked upon my return from mission how many people – actual bodies – we saw come to the knowledge of the saving Grace of Jesus. I must confess, I often fall into the … Read more