The New Hope School

  We spent 3 days with the children of the New Hope School. The New Hope school is located in the Udayan Pally slum area of New Town Kolkata, India. It is a slim school for children and gives them ” new hope” for a better life through a basic education in English and math and … Read more


I have spent the last 6 months elk hunting with true American heroes. It is such an honor and a privilege for me to hang out with men who have sacrificed so much for our country. I am always amazed at the selfless sacrifice to serve exhibited by these wounded military veterans. I am humbled … Read more

Day 3 in the City of Joy

It has been a good and spirit filled trip. We arrived very early in the morning of 27 February – January ( just FYI we did not cross the International Month line & I should always consult an editor ) see how international I am with the date arrangement…. Anyway, our group arrived after a … Read more

The New Hope school

Hi,my name is Saida khatun. My husband left me with two small children.   I was in distress,and hope less condition . After few monts, I found a man . He showed his kindness to me. He said, he will marry me and take care of my two little kids. I thought that,my life would change … Read more

Transition Time

  It is transition time for the Staurolite foundation. We have just completed our last elk of the season for wounded American military service men and women and now are making final preparations to visit the children of the New Hope school in India. The hunters all expressed what a wonderful time they enjoyed spending … Read more


  I hope this is a wonderful time of year for you, a time to enjoy the fruits of your labor and enjoy the favor and Blessing of the Good Lord. A time to relax, recreate, reflect, recover, and reset your priorities. Sorry, I can’t help it, I like alliteration. If this is not a … Read more

True American Heroes

What a great last few weeks. I have had the privilege of spending 3 weeks elk hunting with these true American heroes. Our friend Dave hosted one additional hunter this past week. While the hunting was pretty tough during September and October, once the weather turned in late October things improved. We had 4 of 7 … Read more

Service over Self – Sacrifice

I am always amazed at the character of these heroes who hunt with us. The Staurolite foundation has had more than 20 of these American heroes hunt with us, not counting the first hunt before there was a Staurolite foundation. Every one of these men have one thing in common. Even though they have been … Read more