The New Hope school

Hi, my name is priya. I am 11 years Girl. My father is a Cycle Rickshaw puller. My mother cleans others houses. I had no chance to go to school. some time I was going  with my mother to help her. I like New Hope School. I want to be a nurse. I like to … Read more

How was the trip?

I have been dissatisfied with my response to the question, “How was your trip?” Our trip was amazing. We had the opportunity to “… do what is good, and what is required of us; to do what is right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with our God.”  Micah 6:8 What could be better. … Read more

The Lord provides

If you are looking for some deep, profound, theological message to go with the title, ” The Lord provides” you are probably not going to find it here. We ran out of money. Not enough cash to pay all the bills, and we still have 3 days & a taxi ride to the airport. Getting … Read more

Mission Kolkata

The team spent the last two days with the children of the New Hope school. The New Hope school’s purpose is to bring New Hope to he residents of this slum area near Kolkata through Jesus Christ and thorough education. half of the women and all of the men on the team worked directly with … Read more

The New Hope school

  Today our team visited the New Hope school. The school is located in the Udayan Polly slum area just across a stinky creek from New Town. New Town is new Kolkata, India. The New Hope school provides an opportunity for about 85 children. There estimated to be 1000 children in this slum area. About … Read more