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An update to the Staurolite foundation

24 Apr 2017

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, so here are a few that will hopefully illustrate the work of the Staurolite foundation the last half of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. We covet your prayers as we

Real Mission work

10 Feb 2017

Yesterday we were privileged to go out with our friends and participate in training local “baby” Chris!$t!@ns in how to share the word. When we completed the training we shared a meal and then after a time of talking with

And we are off..

04 Feb 2017

Well today is the day. We head out this morning to begin the journey of almost 28 hours to India. If we could find a tv, and then if we could get the game, we could watch the Super Bowl

Nothing is as Good as it seems & Nothing is as bad as it seems

29 Jan 2017

Let me start with an apology of sorts, maybe an excuse or an explanation… I have been neglectful in meeting my own self imposed standards of posting to this page. And, while I am at, don’t expect it to get

Outdoor activities

01 Dec 2016

We are hip deep in elk hunts for wounded military service men in New Mexico while the staff of the New Hope school in Kolkata is also engaged in outdoor activities.

There is something about being out of doors that

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Greetings to you in the name our Lord Jesus Christ.    Let me share a praise Report to you to thank God. Last week Kolkata celebrate Saraswati  puja( A idol who gives knowledge ). In our Slum village, the villagers also celebrate Saraswati  Puja  . Let me tell what they do in saraswati puja. I told you before that, they worship saraswati idol to get knowledge. All the student (those who pursue their study)   put all their books, pen, pencil, etc before the saraswati idol, so that, the  idol will bless through all things . For your kind information that, our school children did not put anything (books,pen,pencil ,etc) before the idol to bless.
In the slum village, the villagers made an Idol and made a stage in front of the idol to perform dance on the stage. On the evening of this night villagers asked our School children (New Hope School) to perform some thing before idol. Villagers expected that our school children would dance on the film song (bollywood) tune.
Many student (new Hope School) went on to the stage. Villagers asked them to perform a dance.
They sang all Christian songs with action.
1.Hath ke bolbo Maramari Korona-   Bengali song(I tell my hand to not fight. I tell my feet to not go on wrong path. I tell my eyes to not see bad things and so on) and many more Christian Songs.
2. They invited a Hindu Boy on to the stage and made to read couple of Bible Verses from Bible like John 3;16 some verses from psalm(which they memorised  in Sunday School)
3. They played a skit (sin chair).
After every performance, these boys from New Hope School got ovation and big clap.
Villagers asked them, where you learnt these, they replied-From School.  When I am writing this I am remembering about DANIEL.
Thank you for your prayer and concern.
God bless (name removed purposefully)
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This is a test. Just checking the site before we head out. Please keep the team in your prayers; Steve, Celia, Joe, Beth, Susan, Julie, Ashton, Josh, Ashlyn, Cynthia, Cheryl, & Mike. May the Good Lord Jesus Christ accomplish His purposes in us all and through us. Amen

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New Hope School

New Hope School

As we make final preparations for the upcoming mission trip to Kolkata, India, I would like to take this opportunity to share some stories of the children whose lives are being transformed by the New Hope School. First, I would like you to meet Shelly. Shelly was rescued by the Pastor and his wife who founded and oversee the New Hope School. The New Hope school is located in the Udayan Polly slum area of Kolkata. Please find Shelly’s story below.

Hi, I am shelly(Name Changed)13 years of age. Let me share my life story. Read carefully and pray for me.    I have one sister and one brother. We live in a slum village in a tiny house, where I can see star, moon through my wrecked roof.   We all (my brother, sister and me) were coursing our fate, that why we born in this family. My father drinks a lot. Spend all the money on alcohol. Very hardly we get two full meal (rice and potato) a day.  My father bits my mother almost every day. He bits us frequently. Some time I think, I should run away from my home to get rid of starvation and  from the beating of my father.

We had no opportunity to visit a School . I had been watching other  children to go to school. Some time I ask them about school and think about myself, why I should not go to school. I want to learn.

One day (4years back) I heard that, some people came from a church and want to open a School for our slum children. One day  one man came to our house and invited us to visit  the new opened school (later it Became The New Hope School) . I with my brother and sister went to school and learned that, this school is for our slum children, who never had a chance to go to a school. They will supply books, note books and even free tuition .  I was very happy and thank my goddess (that time I was an Idol worshiper).I began to go to school.  Learned   many things, English, math, Social Science and General Science and many. More over the love and care I got from all my teachers, which I was not getting  from my parent. Slowly I began to learn about Jesus Christ. I began to learn, whom to pray, how to pray. I put Trust open Jesus Christ. I stop Idol worship, as I am first child to my parent ,in our custom that, First Girl child  to offer flower and  fragrance stick before Idols. My mother bit many times and force me to offer worship before Idols, but finally I won. I am enjoying the love and care of my Creator Lord Jesus Christ. We learn many Christian songs, Miracles of Jesus Christ, Lord’s prayer and Ten commandments Etc and Etc. I Love my New Hope School very much. Before I go to School , I had no dreams in my life, but now  the New Hope School  has  Put  a New Hope to live and enjoy my life with Jesus. I want to be an officer in a big office Like IBM.

When I was thinking, everything is going on smooth, but a tragedy happened and tore my heart, which I never forget in my life. One night I was sleeping (mid night) in my house, I felt like some one pulling my leg and wanted to sleep on me.   I wake up   and could not see anything, because of pitch dark in our house. I heard screaming of my mother. My father   was beating like anything to my    Mom. My Mom was crying bitterly and was telling to me to run from my father. I did not know ,what to do and where to run. My father bolts tight our doors, so that I cannot run.  Some  how my mother found  mobile phone and rang to our Aunty( New Hope School  Principal) and requested her to take me to her house. When I and my mother cried at loud and asked help, others came forward and rescue us. My mother was severely injured. Some how I could spend that night in my distance relative  house.  Next morning my Aunty (School Principal came and took me to her house. When I reached  Aunty house ,I thanked God for His(GOD’s) protection. Now I am very happy . I found my classmate also in Aunty house (rescued   from difficult situation). Now we five (pastor and Aunty have three children) are staying in pastor and Aunt’s house. We read Bible together, memorised Verse together.  Play and eat together. I found true love from them.

My dear friends  this is not a proud moment to scribe these. Pray  for me I may forgive my Father. I do not want to see his face anymore. Like us many are suffering in our Slum village. Many  girls  being force to get married in very tender age. Many  girls being raped many times  either by their family members or outsiders. Because we are poor, no body will listen our cry.

Pray I may continue my study. Pray for our pastor and Aunty .God may give them enough resource to rescue many like me. Pray God may provide us a big School, so that many dreams can be fulfilled and have a Hostel so that many Girls like me can rescue from Hell and stay safe. Pray God may change all our slum dwellers heart to stop Idol worship and know the Love of living God .Thank you for patience to read my long story.  God may bless you.

thanks for your support, mike

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It has been said a picture is worth a thousand words, here are a few.

Hunters and Guides

We just completed the final elk hunt of 2013 with wounded veterans. We had 2 combat wounded veterans and 1 who will soon be medically retired on an elk hunt in northern New Mexico near the Colorado border. We were Blessed to have donated tags and access on private ranches for the hunt. The weather was grand, a bit brisk near about 15 below zero on Saturday morning up to about 15 degrees above on Wednesday morning. There was quite a bit of snow, although the sun was out and shining every day. We stayed in rental cabins next to a frozen creek, were hosted and guided by some great folks with true giving spirits; a grand time was had by all.

This was the second year and third elk hunt for the Mountain Top Safaris project that I have participated in and the 4th hunt overall that the Staurolite Foundation has sponsored. The elk cooperated, largely due to the quality of guides. In case you were wondering, I was not a guide. We had 4 veteran service men that live in the area of Costilla, NM who guided, donated time, allowed access on their own property, donated tags, and generally helped make this hunt a success. We had a great family in the area who donated elk tags and hosted all of us for a meal every evening. We had donors who provided jackets, t-shirts, caps, groceries, and time to gather all these things and deliver them to the area. The hunt was a great success by all standards. And the elk cooperated. Our hunters took home a nice bull elk and one cow elk.

The purpose of these hunts is to show appreciation for the sacrifice and service of these wounded veterans and to allow them time in the beautiful mountains of northern New Mexico. Hopefully, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is honored and all of us who participate in some form or fashion have the opportunity to grow closer to him as well. It seems to me that all goals were met.

Our hunters, names purposefully not included out of respect for these men, included one young man who was wounded working as a nuclear electrician on the aircraft carrier Nimitz when the main electrical panel blew up in his face. After spending months recovering from the burns over 65% of his body, he began to serve other wounded service men and women as well as Gold Star families.

Another of our hunters was injured by an IED while serving in the Middle East. He had severe leg injuries and wears a brace inside his boot. If you followed him up an extremely steep mountain, with snow almost knee deep and on the north facing slope so there was ice under the snow in a lot of places, you would have a hard time believing he was severely injured. He served on foot and spent a lot of time up high in the mountains of Afghanistan. We hunted mostly in the 8000 to 9000 foot altitude area, but on the day we tracked an elk up a mountain, we were well above the 10,000 foot level. He and his unit had spent a lot of time well above 12,000 feet elevation in Afghanistan so mountain climbing and winter conditions were nothing new to him, but this time with a leg that did not work well. And never ever did I hear anything from him but, “I’m good, let’s go.”

Our third hunter on this adventure received physical injuries while serving but quietly explained the emotional issues that still haunt him are what continue to limit his activities. This young man had not hunted a lot and the hunt was an opportunity for him to have new experiences and continue his emotional recovery. His physical limitations were not apparent, although they were present.

Every one of these hunts brings home to me the true servant hearts of these men, warriors all, but truly servants. I am amazed at their lack of self-pity or even lack of self-concern. They drove 15 hours on Thursday, awoke early on Friday, actually much earlier than I wanted, raring to go. They were up early, hunted hard all day, and slept little. In a normal situation after a long drive, little sleep, and a lot of exercise in terrain and altitude that is way different from where we live, folks will begin to be a bit irritable and even short tempered, not these guys. They were always upbeat, appreciative, and just glad to be there. What a Blessing to those of us who were honored to provide support for them on this hunt.

These hunts are not possible without donations of time, energy, expertise, goods, and plain ole’ genuine care and concern; we had all those things and more in major amounts. Thanks to Nemmi, Danny, Art, Steve, Gerry & Alyssa, Rachel, Joe, New Mexico Propane, and Urban Solutions for all their support.

Special thanks to Pete and Greg and the folks with Steele Consulting and Responsive Learning for our website. Because of them, we are able to post pictures and provide updates soon after the hunt. If you have any interest in supporting these hunts, we welcome your support through prayer, in person,  or by a donation.

May your Christmas be Blessed and New Year prosperous. Please remember, you have the ability to enjoy this Christmas season and all the people, time off work, grand meals, and gifts due to the sacrifices of men like these and so many others.

God Bless you,


Michael T. Smith

the Staurolite Foundation



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