Elk Hunts and New Hope


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The Good Lord has laid out a path for all our lives. He has planned good deeds for us long before we were born. Even as we gear up for the fall elk hunts for wounded military service men and women, the work of the New Hope school continues. Please read the story of Ganga and how the New Hope is impacting her life.


Hi, my name is Ganga, I love my family, my papa work hard for our daily needs, my mom does not work any were, I love my School and every Saturday there is no school but Sunday to Friday I go to School. Our School Chappell time and Sunday School is very fun time for me .Every Sunday I take my friends to school. From Sunday school and School I came to know about Jesus. HE is our saver. What I learn in school ,I teach to my papa and mom .I know HE is my saver so I wish that one day my parent would  know about  HIM. I Thank  GOD for our school in our village. (I LOVE MY TEACHERS).

Let me encourage you to follow Ganga’s example and reach out to those around you sharing the love of Jesus.


Mike started the Staurolite Foundation after a mission trip to Kolkata, India in 2012. Donations go to the projects of the foundation. There is no paid staff. All work is done by volunteers. For more information on the projects, please check out our full site, www.staurolitefoundation.com.

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