For we are God’s Masterpiece


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There is something about watching a master at work that is truly beautiful to watch. The skill, the precision with which they work is an amazing thing. And the product is always a masterpiece. Today our team went to the New Hope school as we did yesterday. Our team played games and taught outdoor games to the children. You have never seen so much joy- on the faces of the teachers and the kids who rarely get to play outdoors.

After the outdoor play we all went back to the school and the team gave a bible story and taught the children action songs. We were given more time than our folks had prepared so the teacher came out in some of our team to fill the remaining time. They had no plan, just called on the gift of the Holy Spirit and fell back on experience the Good Lord had given them years ago preparing them for this day. I was privileged today to watch a master teacher teach English to nonEnglish speaking children. I spent my professional career in public education. I truly believe if you want to change the world children and schools are the place. I have always been moved emotionally by watching a master craftsman practice their art. And today I saw a true master practicing her art. I’m not sure who got the biggest Blessing today – maybe the children as they had a grand time playing outdoor games, made crafts, and polished their spoken English skills. Maybe it was the team of teachers who saw bright smiles on children as they were the hands and feet of Jesus. Maybe it was the English teacher who like any master craftsman is beyond Blessed to be able to practice their art, but likely it was me. I tell you I have seen some masterful teaching over my years, but none better than today.

Be a purposeful practitioner of what the Good Lord has called you to do because it is a thing of beauty to watch, mike

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us a new in Christ Jesus so we can do the Good things He planned for us long ago. Eph 2:10

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