God Even Answers the Prayer of a Pagan

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Hi, I am CB. I am 18years of age and studying in class 12.

I live with my father mother and younger brother. I was brought up from a Strong Hindu family. I was a devotee to my Hindu god and goddess.

My father purchased land for our own house in 2009. He started a two story house.  When the first   floor was completed, my father approached electric Company to bring electric connection. We got it very easily. Then my father started to build 2nd floor. After finishing   he went to approach the same electric company to get a connection done for our 2nd floor. The electric company came and made a survey to bring connection, but they found that over our roof was a high voltage wire (high tension cable) . They could not bring another electric cable, so they said that you will never get electricity for your 2nd floor. We became very hopeless.  My father tried very hard to get electric connection. For the Last  four years my father has been trying to get an electric connection done for our 2nd floor.

One day in feb2014, I was introduced to a new friend. She was a Hindu but became Christian. She shared about Jesus to me. The first time when I listened to her, I did not believe and laughed in my heart. She has been telling me about Jesus and how she received peace and hope from Jesus Christ. She also told me that, If I will pray to Jesus, then He will even answer my prayer even. I thought; let me put a difficult task before Jesus. I prayed to Jesus .“If you are true God, then bring electricity to my 2nd floor(which is impossible).” I knew that this would  never happen, and I can tell to my Christian friend that your Jesus is dead and false. He cannot answer my prayer. To my surprise ,I found that within one week of time , from my prayer made to a unknown  God(for me) in  Feb2014 , again the survey team came and found the possibility to get electric connection. After this incident happened, I grew in faith in Jesus and began to visit my friend’s church. I Learned many things, and the  best part, I enjoyed was Saturday fasting prayer and Bible Study .I asked many questions to pastor and got all satisfied answers.

One Day my pastor invited me to visit a hilly place along with his family for summer vacation. I came to know that other youths of the same church were  going. I thought, let me accept pastor’s invitation. I went with the group. We travelled to many beautiful places and mountains.  Every evening we had worship, prayer and sermon. I enjoyed it  very much.  My pastor told us what are the benefits we will get, if we receive Jesus Christ as our Personal Saviour. On June 1st I gave my life to Jesus Christ. I accepted  Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour.  I was very happy inside my heart. I got peace and hope. With a new mind and heart I returned to my house from the vacation with pastor family.

On  29th June we got a new  electricity  for  our New 2nd floor flat, Which was most impossible  for us ,but God Jesus made possible to us. Praise God!!

My dear friend could you please pray for my whole family and my relatives to receive Jesus Christ? My parents do not know that I visit Church every Sunday and gave my life to Jesus Christ. I do not know what will happen when they come to know about my spiritual status.  Please pray for me, so that the pearl I got, I may not loose and, even through the persecution, I may stand firm in my Faith.

Thank you for your patience  to read my testimony.

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