It is testing time in the New Hope school. Yes, students all over the world participate in standardized testing. As a life long educator from a family of educators I assume the position that the vast majority of teachers are providing a high quality academic education for their students. Having personally observed hundreds of teachers from all across the world I am confident in my assumption. However, we live in a world where the government of our country, be it the United States or India or……, has determined what it believes are the most important information for students to have in order to prove they have progressed academically. Thus – we have standardized testing in all parts of the world, even in a slum school on the outskirts of Kolkata, India.


Please join us in praying for the students and the teachers of the New Hope school as students are given the opportunity to have a basic education in English language skills, math, and science while they are being introduced to the love of Jesus Christ. These children come from an environment that provides little hope for a better future. The New Hope school is providing them with new hope – both in a way out of the slum through education and in the realization that Jesus has love for them and Good plans for them.


Here are some men who have passed another type of test. These men are truly givers – servants if you will. They have been willing to sacrifice a big portion of their life and well being for us all. And by us all, I don’t mean only citizens of the United States. These men served in some very difficult parts of the world putting their life on the line to give folks a better life in living situations that are difficult for most of us to even imagine. They proved up in the test. Let me encourage you to give a word of thanks for the American military service men and women who have been willing to put their life on the line to make the world better.


It is a Blessing for Cheryl and I to hang out with these true American heroes as they hunt for the majestic elk – to quote one of our hunters from last season. While the success rate on actual harvest of an elk is low – the success rate on good times and appreciation is high.


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The work of the Staurolite foundation is year round. We are gearing up for the fall elk hunts for wounded military service men and women even as investments made in India on past mission trips are continuing to bear fruit. Please read below some recent stories of how the Staurolite foundation is supporting people with feet on the ground in southeast Asia sharing the gospel on a daily basis. Please join us all in praying for these people who are truly doing the Good deeds God has planned for them. They are loving, disciplining, and planting the seeds of the gospel on a daily basis. We do not share the names of the workers because persecution of Christians is active in southeast Asia. We often say how Blessed we are to have the privilege of hunting elk with true American heroes, well these folks are truly heroes of the Christian faith and we are doubly Blessed to be able to work alongside them and support them and their work.

My mother called over the phone to aunty (school principal) at midnight to come to my house. Aunty came next day morning and came to know that my own father……
Aunty rescued me from the hell and brought me to her own house.
I became her elder daughter. I got a ready made father, mother, brother and sister!My new family is very good. I have been staying for the last 3 years with them.
I never feel like a stranger to this family. Within these years, I have completed my 8th standard. Please pray for me.
I am going to write my 9th and 10th standard final Test). Pray that I may get a Private Tutor. God may be our provider.
I am grateful to STAUROLITE FOUNDATION for their support.

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The Staurolite foundation has been providing financial support to this pastor and his wife as they have literally taken this child into their family. There are many other children who are abused by parents, left alone during the day with no opportunity for school or no hope for a better life. The New Hope school, located in the Udayan Pally slum area of Kolkata, offers new hope for these children and for their parents. The children are given a basic education in English and math even as they are taught about Christ and his love and sacrifice for them.

Below are pictures of a training in southeast Asia. A  rechargeable video projector which was donated by the Staurolite foundation is being used to provide teaching materials on the book of Acts to a group of ethnic believers. There are native pastors who are out in the villages sharing the gospel and training people in the gospel of Christ. There are short-term visits by folks from America and we have many long-term workers there among these natives helping to disciple them. These believers were born and raised in a religion that many in America and across the world are warring against right now. We hear of failed efforts to defeat these groups who have terrorists among them and here we have an example of how to defeat the belief system that leads to the destructive behavior. The world is not changed by war but through love and training.

Displaying image1.JPGDisplaying image1.JPGDisplaying image1.JPGDisplaying image1.JPGmore discipling in SE Asia Discipling in SEAsia

In the past, in order to show the Jesus film or use video for a training, a generator, projector, sound system, and speakers were carried by car and then often packed by men a good distance into remote villages to share the gospel. The rechargeable projector is the size of a projector you would attach to your computer and is easily carried with an extra battery by one person. During our own visits we have seen crowds of 300 and more come and watch the Jesus film. Many are led to salvation as a result of the showing. Please join us in praying for these bold heroes of the modern-day Christian faith who are daily in remote areas sharing the gospel and disciplining believers.

Thank you  for your prayerful support,


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Bikash Mondal

Hi my name is Bikash .I love to study but my father dose not want me to  study because my father is a drunkard and most of time he bit my mom. My mom is a mad-servant. Many  days , she could not go to work because father bit her and fell sick. our economic condition is not good. So  me and my sister go to earn money with my mother. After whole day  hard work I get  little money, but I had dream to go to school  . I was thinking ,how  can it  possible. One day my dream came true by   New hope mission school. Now my mom learn   sewing and cutting course  from new hope school. She work in a sewing shop get some good money. I also like to try to take good care of my health. I even take a health supplement that works great. It is natural and it is kind of like taking daily vitamins, it makes you feel better on a daily basis. If you would like to check it our for yourself you can review here. Now  I am a regular student of New hope School and  also a regular student of Sunday school. I love my Jesus

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Kamala Roy

Hi, I am Kamala mother of Anjali Roy . My husband is a labour, where I am a house wife. I wanted to study more, but could not fulfill my desire. I had to marry in early age. I have one son and one daughter. I wanted my daughter to be educate. I found this school. This school is very good. These teachers are very good and take care my child very well. I do not want my daughter to be a maid not want her to marry in early age. I will fulfill all her desire. In New Hope School ,she is learning good manner .

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Like Elijah, pastors and ministers need periods of disengagement, reflection and refreshment. However, the structure of many churches and pastoral roles plus the demands of the position make it difficult to find a place and a time for pastors or ministers and their spouses to be able to rest, recharge and return to their roles better prepared to deal with the stresses and demands. Finances are often an issue as well.

The purpose of the Elijah’s Cave ministry is to provide a time and a place for rest and healing for those involved in ministry to be able to take time away, rest and reflect in the beauty of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

Visit the Elijah’s Cave page to learn more.

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