Mission Kolkata

The team spent the last two days with the children of the New Hope school. The New Hope school’s purpose is to bring New Hope to he residents of this slum area near Kolkata through Jesus Christ and thorough education. half of the women and all of the men on the team worked directly with the Teaching them basic math skills and practicing their English. The team also had a craft activity, told bible stories, sang songs, and mostly exhibited the love of Jesus by their in person with these children. The other half of the women went out in the slum door to door with a teacher meeting women of the slum, praying with them, and showing love through their presence. Often folks say you cannot make a difference on a week long mission trip, well they have not seen the light in these children’s eyes by having American guests sit on the floor to teach them, or go into a slum hut to visit a resident.


Today the team w volunteered at Prem Dan. Prem Dan is one of the missionary’s of Charity, started by Mother Teresa, homes for the destitute and dying. Pictures are forbidden inside these homes for the untouchables of Kolkata. This team represented Christ through touching, feeding, cleaning, and loving on the lowest caste of this society.

Idol worship is alive and practiced openly in this oppressive culture. This team of folks brought a ray of late to the citizens of this city through their loving presence. The team truly is making a difference in the world through their action. Please be in prayer for the team habit is Friday afternoon here halfway around the world from home and they rest for another visit to a different slum this evening where they will again represent Christ through their presence. Time is the most valuable gift we can give and it  shows love like no other gift.

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