Priyanka – a student whose life has New Hope

A Thankful Heart

Hello, I am  Priyanka  , I am 8years of old. I have  on elder Sister. I  Lost my Father.

My mother is a Labour. She earn for us.

We live in a tiny house in our Slum village. My mother wanted to send me  to school  ,but could not find  a school. My mother was telling me  to be a maid servant  and earn money for our livelihood. I wanted to read .

One Day New Hope Schoolteacher  found me on our village street and asked me ,whether I go to any school or not .I replied no, they  brought me to New Hope School.

This is a very good school. I love our school very much. Our Teachers love us very much. We eat many good, testy snacks  in our school.

I am learning many Christian song, prayer and  many things about Jesus Christ. I pray and pray for my mother.

I want to be a Doctor in future. Thank you for your prayer .

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