The called will be equipped or God has got your back


So often on mission here in India we are simply overwhelmed by the noise, the smells, the crowds, the bad food, the lack of our understanding the language, the needs we see and we feel inadequate, but a text that I saw at 5:00 AM this morning ( for the record it was sent earlier but the Muslim call to prayer wakes us all at 5:00 AM every morning) the first dozen or so times you hear the blare of the Muslim call to prayer at 5:00 AM you are reminded you are not in the mountains of New Mexico, or the plains of Texas. Anyway, I saw the text from my friend Scott – who is checking our house in New Mexico while we are here. Scott was texting to say we have a leak in the water heater – big problem in a house that is heated through hot water being pumped through pipes in the floors and the last couple of mornings have been in the -20 to -40 ( yes those negative numbers) range. So, Scott took another friend of ours, local home builder, home repairer and all around Good guy Chris over to see what was up with the leak. But, with out Alan, another young friend of ours in the home maintenance business who about 3 days before we left asked if he needed to check our house while we were gone. Alan spurred me to ask Scott… Ian’ God amazing, way before I knew I had a problem our Lord reminded me through Alan, to ask Scott to check things and — well you get the picture.

We worshipped with Kolkata Christian Fellowship today. Charley ( another named changed to guard identity) was playing guitar and singing with the worship team. I mentioned to C’s wife how happy and excited he looked to be playing. She said yes, he played acoustic guitar and bought that one right before we came saying he would learn to play while here. As soon as he showed up at KCF they asked if he played guitar and had a spot for him in the band – before he even knew God prepared for him, Or as my friend John Featherston says, ” What a coincidence.”

As we traveled to some very remote villages yesterday by 3 wheeled tricycle and boat we found natives who were eager to hear more of this man Je$£s. We would asked if they had heard of Je$€s and they would respond with yes, but… But we need to know more, please tell us more. And we of course would gladly oblige.

Even as God the father solved my little problem before it got out of control, He also solved all our big problem of eternal separation from Gid the Father by sending His own son Je$€s who limped a perfect life to die in our place. What an experience to be able to share with folks who have heard of the man Je$€s but want to know more of Him.

We only see examples of the unqualified & unprepared – a shepherd boy, 12 fishermen, a harlot, a scared farmer thrashing wheat – being used in grand ways to further the kingdom of the Father. Through each story we see how the Father hasprepared for us all we have to do is be willing.

Blessings, mike

For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him. Phil 2:13

…we do not know what to do, but we are looking to you for help 2 Ch 20:12 b

“If you wait ’till you are prepared, you will be waiting a while” Cowboy Logic



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