The Lord provides

If you are looking for some deep, profound, theological message to go with the title, ” The Lord provides” you are probably not going to find it here. We ran out of money. Not enough cash to pay all the bills, and we still have 3 days & a taxi ride to the airport. Getting cash in India was is not easy. They don’t take VISA. You get the idea. Now I was not sweating it, just trying to figure out a solution that did not involve our team washing airplanes for a ride….


i was talking to the company man last night and told him we would would need cash. He said he had just cashed some 60,000 rupees and I could use them. I told him great when we get back I will put the money back in your account. We had sent money ahead as we always do for the company folks to get exchanged and have for ground expenses, but apparently not enough. The company man, whose name is purposefully left out to hopefully avoid some persecution, says, ” no you don’t understand. I only gave you half your money up front. This is yours.”

God had already provided, what a deal. I am honored to provide comic relief to my friends, family, & the Good Lord Jesus who has planned for every event of my life.

The folks who live in this one room 10’X10′ upscale slum home know that their God provides. Upscale slum has masonry walls, maybe a floor, common toilet, residences are joined. People are packed. There is a LOT of noise. No sun. Plenty of filth. These folks opened their home to us & 30 or so children for a few minutes of Praise & Worship. The 3 young people who are “Faith Alive” are showing their faith in this place. Their ministry is twice a week coming into this downtown slum and teaching children about Jesus – who provides. After the singing there were a parade of folks who became by to be prayed over. One of our team said, ” as I prayed, I just hoped I had the faith of the folks asking for prayer.” Me too!

I have been to a lot of wild events, more than afew revivals, witnessed a faith healing. Had a guy I bought bulls from who cast demons out. But I gotta tell you, I have never seen faith like those folks. They expected their children & themselves to be healed.

Keep us in your prayers, no telling what the next few days will bring. It does appear we will not have to wash airplanes to get home In case you wondering,

Blessings, mike


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