the New Hope School


Abhisekh Sardar

Hello. I am AbisekhSardar. I am 6 years old. My Father is a Daily  labor. My Mother is a maid servant. I am studying  in KG class. I have  learned  many  things.  I had no chance to go to a  school. I found New Hope School .This school is very good. I want to be a doctor.  I will treat  poor and oppressed people. I will make a good  house for my  parent. I have a dream ,when I will get job, then  I will not allow my parent to work . They  work very heard to earn money ,so that   we all will eat well. When  I like to play cricket. pray for me and my Family.


Mike started the Staurolite Foundation after a mission trip to Kolkata, India in 2012. Donations go to the projects of the foundation. There is no paid staff. All work is done by volunteers. For more information on the projects, please check out our full site,

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