Update to the Staurolite Foundation

We are in New Mexico working hard on elk hunts for Wounded Soldiers, ok this is not really hard work. The Good Lord has Blessed our efforts and many new contacts are coming forward with offers to help with hunts and with expanding to include retreats for Pastors and Missionaries as well as summer camping trips for Gold Star families. We have preliminary confirmation of 2 elk hunts for the fall of 2014. One is for 4 hunters on a cow elk hunt in early January and one for 2 or possibly 3 hunters on a cow elk hunt in early November. Both of these are private land hunts. We have several other potential offers of other private land hunts and sorting through them to see what will work with the number of available hunters.

The work of the Starfish project continues. Please see the story of Mandira Shakari below;Mandira ShikariHi, I am Mandira. aged about 8yr old. I live with my mother. My father is in jail. My mother is a maid servant. I have another sister. I did not want to go to school. One day our School teachers came to our house and asked about me and talked to my mother to send me to school.I  go to school. Learning many things. Love to draw. Learning  English  was a dream for me. I want to  be a work in a office. I will letter to my father .I am learning  about Jesus Christ.

Please be in prayer for the ministries of the Staurolite Foundation and how the Good Lord Jesus Christ will have us grow. Thank you for your support, mike

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